At Rancho Family Medical Group, we believe prevention of  life threatening illnesses is the best way to go.  We provide various cancer screening tests in office and refer out to specialists when necessary.
The  tests we do in our clinics include:
  • Colon cancer screening with flexible sigmoidoscopy and fecal occult blood  testing. We refer out to local specliasts for colonoscopy screening exams
  • PAP smears, breast exams, colposcopies are done by healthcare providers at Rancho Family Medical Group. Mammogram referrals may also be provided during your health maintenance exam
  • Digital prostate exams and PSA  (prostate specific antigen) blood testing as recommended by guidelines
  • Skin cancer exams, biospies and treament when indicated.
  • Blood tests for cancer screening,  as deemed necessary by your physician/healthcare provider

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