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Dr. Phil Ebersole, MD

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If you are 65 and older, we have a designated team to help answer your questions regarding insurances, providers, specialists, and even scheduling meet the doctor events.

Get to know Dr. Phil Ebersole

I have lived in Temecula for 25 years, my wife Eva and I have 2 sons, Ben and Sam.  I grew up in Brownsville, Texas, I attended Stanford University for my undergraduate education, and then the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School.  I did my Family Practice Residency at the University of Texas Southwestern Family Practice Residency Program.  I worked as an ER Physician in my hometown, then I came to California to do research at UC Santa Barbara investigating potential medicines from ocean products.  My wife and I decided to settle down here in Temecula, and we’ve been here enjoying Southern California ever since.

Recent Patient Reviews

Shelley F.
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He is a kind, honest, and skilled doctor. We have been his patients for over 20 years, and we have never been disappointed. He really listens to his patients, gives them all needed options, and allows them to feel like their opinion matters. On a side-note... I especially love that he always gives me a "list" when I finish the appointment. I never have to worry about not remembering all of his instructions and suggestions once I get home. He treats all of his patients as if they were members of his family. We are blessed to have found such a dedicated and caring physician.
Lauren T.
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Dr. Ebersole is the kindest, most compassionate doctor I have ever encountered. He truly gives his patients 100% consistently, and I could not recommend anyone more strongly. He takes his time with you and he listens, and moreover he genuinely cares. Best doctor around! I have been going to him for nearly twenty years now.
Cy Rathbun
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Best general doctor someone could have. He listens and gives good advise so I can make the decisions I need to make. He helps when I ask and gives advice that is helpful. If you can get a chance to see him you will be happy.
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Medical Home Pairing

To give our patients the most cohesive medical care, our Physicians and APP’s are paired together in our medical homes. This means that our Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners are working alongside our physicians to ensure your care plan is being closely monitored at all times.

Stephen Byrne

Physician Assistant