Dr. Matthew Combs, MD

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If you are 65 and older, we have a designated team to help answer your questions regarding insurances, providers, specialists, and even scheduling meet the doctor events.

Get to know Dr. Combs

Dr. Matthew Combs received his bachelor’s degree in Biology at Westmont College and graduated Medical School at Loma Linda University. He then went on to complete his Family Medicine Residency at Ventura County Hospital.

Dr. Matt has special interest in sports medicine and is on our team of hospitalists, where he can practice another special interest of his: inpatient medicine. Dr. Matt is also big on preventative medicine. He enjoys having the patient be an active participant in their healthcare where he can come alongside and equip them with knowledge so that they can come up with a plan together.

On a day off, Dr. Matt enjoys physical activity and the outdoors: fly fishing, hiking, surfing, woodworking and road trips too! When he is back in the clinic, he cares for children, teens, adults and geriatric populations and is thankful to have a career that makes a positive difference in people’s lives every day.

Recent Patient Reviews

Linda S.
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I very much appreciate Rancho Family Medical in Hemet; so new, clean, convenient and with the best staff. Dr. Matthew Combs is like the cherry on the top; giving great medical attention with really hearing my concerns. I like being respected for my ideas/opinions on my treatment, married with the knowledge of a terrific doctor. It's the best.
Susan P.
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Dr Matthew Combs is very personable, kind and knowledgeable. He was an Instrument in saving my husbands life when he was hospitalized with pneumonia last year 2019. He follows up with patient care and is always available when needed. We are very Blessed to have him as a doctor!
Terry O.
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Fantastic experience for a doctors visit. Matthew is such a pleasant person. Very informative, happy and interested in your well being. I am so glad that I made the change from my last doctor to Matthew.

Medical Home Pairing

To give our patients the most cohesive medical care, our Physicians and APP’s are paired together in our medical homes. This means that our Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners are working alongside our physicians to ensure your care plan is being closely monitored at all times.

Arika Whiteaker

Physician Assistant