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Meet your doctors before switching!

Here at Rancho Family Medical Group, we see the value in finding a doctor with the “best fit” for your individual medical needs. We want our patients to connect with our doctors and get a feel of their approach to medicine before ultimately making the choice to entrust them with their medical care. We are currently hosting Connect Events for the doctors below. RSVP below to meet one of our doctors today!

Available Events:

Dr. Denise Dvorquez

Dates Available:

Dr. Susan Behnawa

Sun City
Dates Available:
June 21st @ 12:00pm

Vincent smiling

Dr. Kyle Vincent

Dates Available:

Doctor smiling

Dr. Steven Ching

Dates Available:
June 2nd @ 1:00pm
July 7th @ 1:00pm


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Looks like there is no currently scheduled Connect Events for Dr. Denise Dvorquez! If you would like to schedule one please call our team at (951) 225-6807
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