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If you have had a fever, cough, or any other symptom related to an illness in the last two weeks, please call to schedule an appointment so we can speak with you directly.

Complete the form by selecting your location of choice, if you are a patient or not, and the type of visit you want to schedule. You will then be directed to select the specific time for your appointment.

Having Trouble? Call us instead

If you are having trouble or prefer to call our office instead of booking online, do so by calling 951-676-4193

Why Do You Need MyChart?

Faster Online scheduling

Being signed into my chart makes scheduling your next appointment even faster online.

Message your doctor

Send private messages to your physician asking questions. Please allow 72 hours for response.

Visit Summary

Review your previous appointment summaries

request refills

Message your doctor to request another refill on some of your medications

Labs & imaging

You have access to view certain types of labs and imaging results via Mychart

Pay bill online

You can pay recent bills online instead of calling in.