Dr. Susan Behnawa


Sun City Office

Get to Know...

Get to Know...

Dr. Susan Behnawa is our Geriatric Physician practicing out of our Sun City Office. Dr. Behnawa received her bachelor’s degree at UCSD. She completed her Family Medicine Residency as well as her Geriatrician fellowship at University of California, Irvine.

Dr. Behnawa enjoys Geriatric Medicine as well as preventative medicine. She believes simple lifestyle changes can go a long way in keeping patients healthy and out of the clinic, and she always promotes healthy eating and exercise habits. Her approach to medicine is humility. She looks towards enhancing the quality of life and minimizing unnecessary medical interventions. 

Outside of the office Dr. Behnawa spends her time with her two young children and husband. She enjoys spending time with extended family, taking trips to the zoo, and getting outside whenever she can.

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“It is such an exciting time to be practicing medicine because we are recognizing more and more the profound impact lifestyle has on overall health and well-being. “

Dr. Behnawa

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Meet Dr. Susan Behnawa

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Butter Chicken Recipe With Dr. Behnawa

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Preventative Medicine With Dr. Behnawa

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