At Rancho Family Medical Group, we understand that having health insurance is not always an option for everyone all the time. As a result, we are listing average prices for an office visit for existing patients.

Prices are just an estimate–your price may differ depending on the services provided. Codes charged for new patients may be slightly higher due to need to gather additional information and the need to review medical history. Prices subject to change, please confirm pricing prior to appointments. Date 7/14/2010.

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Pricing Guide

Illness and Injury Visits

Established Patient Office Visit: $45 to $95 dollars (i.e. for diabetes, blood pressure and other conditions). Average fee about $65 for most visits. Additional testing if needed, may cost more.

Physical Exams (All Ages) for existing/new patients

(65+ years), $125/$160
High School/College Sports Physical- $42 minimum
DMV Physical/Adoption/Employment- $65

Childhood Vaccines

Hepatitis A vaccine, $55 each (2 shot series over 6 months)
Hepatitis B vaccine, $83 each (3 shot series over time)
DTaP vaccine, $32 each
IPV (polio) vaccine, $29 each
Prevnar vaccine, $98 each
MMR vaccine, $58 each
Varivax (chicken pox), $97 each
Gardasil (HPV), $200 each shot
Menactra (meningitis) vaccine , $123

Tests or Procedures

EKG (evaluates heart problems, if abnormal, exercise treadmill test may be recommended)-$ 57
Urine test $12.50
Tuberculosis (PPD) screening $23.75
Flu Shots $20 (subject to availability)
Exercise Stress Treadmill Test-$270
Pregnancy test $15.00

Travel Immunizations for Adults

Hepatitis A- $125 each shot (2 shots usually needed)
Vivotiff (Typhoid prescription can be offered if needed)

Click Here to check what immunizations you need


Completion of patient supplied forms (i.e. disability) $25
Copying of medical records for patients is $25

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